Plan to Fruition

It’s easy to plan out ahead and speak about the things you will accomplish and have the world know that you’re on the way to success with a certain plan that you’ve cooked up. You think it gives you a purpose, a path to walk on, but you don’t realise you give yourself a task to do that defines your capabilities to actually accomplish it. It tests you fundamentally as to are you capable of what your plan calls for, will you be able to accomplish things that your plan is hell bent on making you accomplish, will you be able to actually pull of the things that your brain has listed in the plan.

It is very crucial to believe in yourself when you start getting cold feet or start doubting yourself as to will you be able to pull of the things that you have sought out to do in your extensive plan for your better future. It is ok to be scared of what you will accomplish but not to be scared of yourself as if you won’t be able to accomplish them.

Sometimes you might question yourself whether you’re good enough or not to do it so you wonder if you should even try. It’s tricky to do something that you think you won’t be able to complete but if you keep thinking about whether or not you’re capable half the battle is already lost. 

You should keep doing what you’re doing even if you have doubts about yourself. Get yourself out of your comfort zone, Not too much but enough to move forward. Don’t just throw yourself in the middle of the ocean and hope that you will survive with just swimming, start with the shore building a raft to guide in the sea and then the ocean. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt but still keep trying to achieve the goal.


Dear Distant friend,
What happened between us? Why are we so distant now than we were before. We used to talk day and night, about everything and anything and now, I hardly see you and hardly have a decent conversation with you. I used to stay up late just so we could continue the chat. What happened?
I remember I had a special nickname for you and you had for me and it is funny that we used to use it specially at our birthdays to wish each other and now we don’t even talk. What happened?
Now we both are going on our on lives and talk very, very occasionally. You have become so busy that I feel guilty for not having so much on my plate to be busy.
Old friend, we should catch up soon and not just a long lengthy conversation once in a blue moon.We should be talking about all the updates and information that I might have missed out while we were having this glitch of a miscommunication problem which I plan to rectify.
An old estranged friend.

Angry Indian Goddesses

I am angry. I am very angry after watching this movie. Not because it was a bad movie or it was totally wrong, it was one of the greatest movies I have ever seen but I am angry watching the movie because everything in the movie is right and true about India, because the things that conspire in the movie have happened in India. I am angry on the fact that I am watching a movie that is not full of made up and horrible stories instead these are actual happenings in our country and India.

India is a country where people watch and talk, Look and gossip. Even after something has happened India only talks. India only stops, listens, gossips and moves on. Where is the justice!? The society talks about the tragedy, acknowledges for the bad it is and moves on. It is just a talk that society does and does nothing in improving the society itself. It talks and talks about the problem but what about actually eradicating the problem!

There was a quote in the movie, “Women are born to be Yodhas.” We are born to fight for our lives because every little thing in our lives is a battle. India is our battle field. In all the stages in our lives in India we are fighting battles after battles. We lose some, we win some. It starts from the age of 12 when society tells her that she is supposed to stay away from boys, she is supposed to be graceful, she is supposed to start doing girly things. As she grows older to 17 to 21, family starts telling her to dress up a certain way or else society will talk, do certain things to make the society think that she is well-mannered and be a certain way so that the society influences who she gets married to in a good way. Why does anyone care what society thinks!? It is because of India’s way of thinking making the society such a priority that a person’s happiness just vanishes in thin air. No body likes the fact that there are people talking about them behind them, on the other hand they are the ones talking about people behind their backs who have been total saints to them. Where does the cycle end!? Just mind your own business!

There is another line in the movie that says, “let me write my own story.” Let me be. Don’t influence or dictate what I should do or what I should not do. I should be the pilot of my life. Not my family, not even my husband. I am the captain of my ship. I am walking my path. I don’t want anyone to make decisions for me. I don’t care what society thinks of me. What anyone other than people who I care about think of me. I want to be the decision maker of my life, not some aunt who thinks I’m a snob or some uncle who found me too western for his taste or anyone in the bloody society. I am who I am. I am one of the women in India who wants to live without the constant judging, without the fact that I am not safe alone after 8:00pm in the evening, without the fact that I won’t be taken advantage of or anything ridiculous that India stands for. Leave me be. I don’t want to prove myself to be a man because I’m not, but I want to be recognized as strong as a man. The society makes me a born warrior.

This plot was an awakening for the sleeping feminist or gender equality or Anything else to fight for a better India. To make people aware or motivate people to do right and get some sense into the foolish Indians who hide behind the corrupt law and the law themselves.


We all have days when we feel sick, not just physically sick, like the flu or maybe a cold but rather drained. Some days we wake up and just feel as though we can’t make it. We feel tired, not just from hard work or lack of sleep but just tired of being. 

Days where one just wants to curl up and sleep in bed all day because the outside world seems too much of a task to handle. Making beds, taking a shower, cooking breakfast, all these seem like tiny fractions of an issue.

I’d say all these daily routines don’t really need to be done, do they ? Today, just today, stay home and recover. Take some “me” time! Take a break.

A break from what ?


Why ?

The biggest power humans hold – Questioning. Questioning the very fabric of life, the very fabric of reality they live in. What they believe and what they are made to believe in. Gullible humans who think they know everything. Who think they know the truth but in fact they know little or just an imperceptible fragment of the truth. To some, truth is merely a perspective or an explanation or something that they can see or hear or understand or simply just a parody of futile words that the person themselves or someone else puts in their mind just so they can convince their naive minds of the ludicrous logic behind the truth.

“Leave the games and Live the world simply.”

Stop keeping score, stop looking for competition. Stop putting someone else down so you can feel good about yourself. Just enjoy your life because you have only the limited amount of years to live and why spend it playing mindless, soulless games that at the end of the day destroy good relationships which you can treasure love one another, unconditionally. It is the perspective of doing better than the person who actually is not even looking for a fight is what leads to games and tearing up of relationships.  Make sure that you are playing games for a reason, when it is understandable that something wrong has happened and you have to avenge yourself. Even then, you have to think – “Is it worth it?”


I thought I was fine,
The calm before the storm,
It came to my mind,
I am not even in a good form.

I remember I was a stick,
Ran fast and was athletic,
What happened to me?
Did I give up on me?

It all has been happening so fast,
It has been really hard to keep track,
A lot of things have happened in the past,
Which I need to store and pack.

I will have to move on..
So I can get back my groove on!
Be the funny me.
Be the real me.

I need to plan out the present,
Because it is indeed my future,
I need to motion a movement,
That will make me a whole new creature.

So here’s to hoping for the best,
Everything else can go to bed rest,
I will fight for me,
I will become the evolved me.

“Every Problem has its solution however twisted the problem would be.”

Don’t get blind sided by the problem that ambushes you. Don’t get paranoid and terrified from the problem that has transformed your life. There is a quick or rough solution. There is light of solution at the end of the problematic tunnel. You will find a way to the problem that is an obstacle in your life. You will find a solution to overcome the obstacles of problems that come in your way and haunt you to not continue towards your goals. It is a hard choice to dwell into your problem or find a long path to your solution that may require a journey of time, but you have to make the choice. Make the right choice of getting through the problem and finding the solution. Beating the problem to nothing, a small obstacle that you overcame.

The wall

Dear Loved Ones,

I have never been an open book. No one has truly known what I am or what I think. I have always shown a part of who I am to people. A sneak peek into my thoughts system. It is a web of thoughts that makes me and it will take eternity for anyone to cross that path, to get through to the wall I have created. This wall is basically all the thoughts that are not too deep but deep enough to be consumed by the public. This is the wall that consists of my thoughts that are personal but are protectors of the real world of thoughts that is not only personal but sensitive and close to my heart. It has taken me my whole life to build up this system. My thoughts are in a constant battle of arguments between the right and my want. My want is always the one to accept defeat even if it has a chance of winning. A chance to convert itself to a greater right. A better way of being the right. The right being right always barricades my want into being something more than my want. I know it is hard to understand. This battle is a constant behind the wall that I have built up. There is a wall, not fence that protects me from you vultures who try to destroy me, the true me, The right that barricades me for who I am. I am not an open book. Leave me alone in the big library of contacts. If you need me, I might or might not be there where you left me but I will return if you need me.