The Pain that we endure.

It is a feeling that one has that indicates loss, hurt, effects of something horrible has happened. It is Pain that nudges that we have lost something dear and bothers us with what could and what would have happened if we had not experienced the loss. Pain could be mental or physical. Physical is more like an injury or external pain, but Mental is Psychological loss that may cause your judgement to mislead into wrong choices which ultimately makes your life destructive. Pain can be caused in a million ways but in every way it can have its own individual level of hurt. It may be caused by a little thing happening or a huge, but it can never be forgotten. It is always stored in the memory drive of the human being. A special folder named “Pain” that has storage of all the possible hurt and pain that one has experienced in their whole life. Some people like to keep the folder deep hidden in their hard drive. Some just blurt it all out. There are also people who have 2 folders one for show and other one password protected. Pain can be shown as many other feelings such as anger, depression, etc. It basically is the 5 levels of Grief that one overcomes in route of happiness.

Speaking of Happiness, Pain has a way of presenting the fact that It is part of Β life. One must feel Pain to reach the goal of Happiness. Pain tells us no one is ever able to have a Perfect life without sorrow,pain and hurt. It makes our life adventurous in a way. It is the ultimate outcome of some of our risks and decisions we make through are course of life. But those risks and decisions only help us to have the right ones to overcome or dodge the ultimate pain and gain felicity. Pain and Joy are the yin and yang of ones life. One cannot survive without the other but they do challenge each other. Pain reflects are basic deeds of our life where it is inflicted when we make a wrong call towards a particular situation. Which proves the saying that goes as “We all are just Human”.

Even in Love, a person would not be able to find love without the help of Pain. With a lot of different factors such as Sacrifices, Adjustments, Arguments, etc. that contribute to sum up a map to search for the right person. All these different factors are cause of Pain but it is up to the person how much he is willing to take the pain to be with that person. Which means every Love has its own developing Pain Factory that one enjoys to have built to have the joyous ride with the special someone who they ultimately find. Pain is the best tool to find love. If you cannot bear it walk away, find the one more suited.

The Pain of Loss of a loved one is unbearable. whether that loved one passed away or chose to leave you out of their life. In both ways Pain exist in some level or the other. The loved one who has passed away can leave a big hole of Pain in one’s life which is filled by time but not perfectly because the person who has lost a dear one always has the deep pain of not being with that person and wonder how would it be life like if he were here and what would they talk , etc. thinking about all of this resurfaces the pain they suffered from the fresh wounds of their loss. The old hole of Pain dug up every time we ever think about him. But by time the hole that is dug up gets smaller and smaller and by the time we have our lives all figured out and lived it hurts only a little and only little pain is depicted. When a loved one chooses to put you out of their lives, It is initially Painful but the healing process is quicker when there is another loved one who helps to fill the hole with their loving memories instead of the pain. There are times when one thinks of what could have been with the person who chose to leave them, but he would know that it would not have been as good as the person who was there to pick up the broken pieces.

In conclusion I say, Pain comes and goes but it is up to the person feeling it to roll around it and wait for it to pass through or get out there and find help for the pain and run towards happiness and get rid of the pain. Pain is a part of life which lets you know your weaknesses, your pressure points, etc. without it how can a person know he is happy or not?


11 thoughts on “The Pain that we endure.

  1. Very true. Everyone experiences pain in their life. Hopefully, it’s a less frequent occurrence than happiness but without going through pain, it’s hard to see the positive when good things do happen.

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  2. Pain is what a lot of us try so hard not to feel, we run from it, we medicate it, we ignore it because it’s so scary! I agree with you that we must know pain to know happiness and I hope that when my time comes to feel it I can remember this post!

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