Time as we know it.

“Your greatest resource is your time.” – Brian Tracy

Time is the kind of factor of life where it does not wait or stops for anyone, it just goes on. Whatever you have to do, there is a specific window of time to do that task. The window may be huge or very little to finish the task. But it is up to you how you manage to finish the task and go on with another one. It is  up to you how you utilise it to your advantage because if you do not grab the opportunity you may be left behind. Time is like the Trains, they go on and the stations are the opportunities that a person has to get on the Train. If missed he is left on the station waiting for another Train to pass by. When a person takes Time for granted not only gets behind on his duties to perform but also has no time to save for leisure.

A person without time is always stressed out because he did not get his responsibilities in order and as he delays more, the more stressed and tensed he gets to complete the duty or else he keeps wondering of ways to fulfil it without getting into more and more complications of not doing the given task at hand on time. It creates a big pile of “What If”s which include – What he could have done in the time he was wasting and not being worried sick for the completion of that duty, What more could he have accomplished ,etc.

“Time flies. It’s up to you to be the navigator.” –Robert Orben

A person shall choose wisely as to how much time he shall take for a task because a task can be completed at any amount of time, if not counted down. A person shall have a deadline to finish the task otherwise he would get lazy and give up on the task and jump to another one to please his mind. The deadline forces the person to focus on his work and submit the due task. It puts the person on test of how much level of pressure he could take if there is a limited time on his hands to finish a specific job. It shows the skills of the person how he handles himself for the task that he has to finish on the ticking time bomb.

Time shows how a person could be committed to some thing or someone. If a person is not happy with the task given to him he would not give all his best and do it as soon as possible and do it to go by. If that person is passionate about doing that job he would give all his time and day to fulfil it and he would be proud to finish it. The committment to the task affects the time factor greatly.

Many a times a person could think Time goes slow when they have nothing to do and nothing important planned out and it makes them go on their planet of thoughts to reflect on their past or think of something out of the box or think of what could it have been if they had done something differently or just getting by, These people are thinkers. Many a times a person even thinks Time goes fast when they are spending it with their loved ones and enjoying their time basically doing what they love best, These people are those who act before thinking. One could tell the difference in type of people of how they utilise their time to devote it to the work handed to them to accomplish.

Everyone has a different way of dealing with their emotions which take their own amount of time to get over the situation they are going through. Some take weeks and some take years. Time acts like a best friend in that sense. It helps the person to get over the dark pain and suffering  and lead them to the light of Happiness, felicity, Joy, etc. Time gives us the space from the tragedy that we might have endured in the past. Time helps us heal from the wounds we have endured in the past. Time could be the best gift one could get.

“A man who dares to waste one hour of life has not discovered the value of life.” –Charles Darwin

The Happiest Man alive would be the person who has mastered the management of Time. He would know what to do on what time without being a control freak to do the job at the right time. But be free of worry of any kind of work as he has fulfilled all his duly task on Time without Delay. Any of us would like to be that person who gets the work done on time and get rid of all the worries to have the job done one way or the other before the time runs out and they have been left with no other chance but to give up and start over.


14 thoughts on “Time as we know it.

  1. Being able to manage your time is such an awesome life skill. Some people are just innately good at it and some people struggle with it their entire lives. I honestly used to really struggle with it and stress about it to no end. And then one day I decided to try some new ways to manage me time, figured out that not being a slave to the clock was SO much less stressful and have really tried to never go back to my old ways. (And to be okay with and even enjoy wasting some time every now and then.)


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