Loneliness is a Hazard.


Everyone at some point of time feel lonely. Whether he is a child, a workaholic, a teenage girl, an old man, etc. They all have that lonesome part in their life. It is basically being alone that leads up to this part of our life. It is not at all a pleasant state to be in, hence I call it as a hazard.

No one wishes to be lonesome and lonely. Some people find it refreshing because that’s where they find themselves as to who they really are, that is how they find themselves, but how would you know who you are if you have never test yourself out in the world. How will you come to know about your skills if you never had the chance to test them. How will you know about your stand in the world, i.e. what are you in the world. It is by interacting and testing yourself  out in the world that will help you get to know yourself.

Loneliness for a short period of time is refreshing but when it comes to years and years of being alone, not sharing your thoughts, have yourself all bottled up, not reaching out to any one, not seeking help for something that has been bothering you for a while is torture. It is mainly putting yourself through the unwanted agonizing pain which only harms or bothers you at the end of the day, not anyone else but you.

Loneliness is a hazard which has a simple cure, interaction. Get yourself in the game, mingle with the crowd, let someone IN on your life, share with them the thoughts that make you feel lonely. You will then love yourself plain and simple without the unwanted tangles you had made up for yourself when you were with your lonesome.

Kill the Lonesome, Enjoy the Awesome.


Kinds of Evil in this world.


There are people who are born to be evil. There are people who grow up to be evil. There are people who have to survive the evil. There are people who are surrounded by so much evil that they become one. There are people who have chosen to be evil on purpose. There are people who make the wrong choices that ultimately make them evolve into something evil.

Evil is something dark inside of a person that makes that person do bad things in general. To make a baby cry, to murder someone, to hurt someone innocent, to bully is evil if there is no reason to it or a very twisted reason none the less. There are people who never planned to be evil but some how turn up to be on the dark evil side. Many people make choices in their life that they think is right but end up on the wrong side, at the dark side.

There are basically many kinds of evil in this world. The kind that is evil for the fun of it. The kind that makes people be evil in certain situations for something uncalled for that, i.e. no other option but to be evil for some unspoken reason. The kind that is revengeful evil. The kind that makes everything around evil and maybe start a war.

Some people how much ever nice they may be when get tangled in to a bad situation that makes their human flaws kick in, i.e. greed, selfishness, etc. that makes them do evil things that they wouldn’t normally do. Some people get everybody down or insult them or talk ill about them which in itself is an evil deed to do. Some people are so merciless and evil that they are radical towards everything and anything that comes their way to crush it down.

To all the evil kinds of this world i say, There is always a reaction to every evil action. Whether good or bad, it will always come back to haunt you, who is evil.

Be Evil, Get Evil,

Be Good, Get Good..

Regret – Something that one has done or failed to do.


There are many and million options of paths of life that you could have taken along the way. Every path leads to a very different aspect of life that you could have ended up in. While you choose that path which seems right to you at the time but as and when you walk through that chosen path you might wonder was your choice right? Is this the path that will give you the best results in your life? Was another path more suited for you? Should you have chosen another path for your life? That my friend is REGRET.

Regret is something you feel when you have something you want to do in your head and you never came around of doing that and you end up torturing yourself of why didn’t you come around to DO it. It is the feeling when you have when something you should have done when you had the chance.

To the people with regret I say, you chose well, you chose what was right for you at the time. You don’t need to beat yourself up for something that cannot be altered. Enjoy your life as it is NOW. It is the best you can be, it is the best you can do for yourself.

Forever is a Lie.


Credit: A very lovely friend.

Nothing in this world is forever. A new white object will eventually turn stale or darker even if it stays white for as long as it can. In the same way an innocence of a child does not remain forever because as that child grows older that raw innocence eventually turns into something darker or stale changing the concept of life of that child from innocence to something totally different.

We as people change as we grow. We cannot remain the same childish selves forever. How much ever we try to stay the same we cannot stop the inevitable. We cannot stop the transaction of our being from a naive self to the realistic experience self.

If you actually notice, FOREVER doesn’t actually exist and so forever is a Lie in itself. It is actually the reference to the end of time, which again doesn’t actually exist too. Even if you promise someone something you would do forever, that amount of time has a limit.

Forever is the reference to something that will be the same or some promise you keep, the circumstances of the person whatever they might be, make that something that the person thinks will remain the same changes after a course of time or two because no matter how much that person would try it did not last forever. When it comes to the promise, the promise can only be maintained in a perfect world. Every promise is broken after a particular time, whether it is after 1 day or 5 years.

Hence, I say Forever is a Lie because forever does not exist.

Never Back Down

Never give up how much ever tough or impossible the task may be. Give it your best even if the odds are not in your favour. Don’t find excuses to give up, find excuses to NEVER BACK DOWN.

Don’t run away from the task by thinking you are not good enough. Don’t tackle out of the job just because you think you are not good enough to do the task at hand. How will you know if you don’t try to perform the task. You can at least try to perform the given task to know where you stand and what skills you could uncover while performing the task. How will you know if you never try.

Even if you gave it all and you probably know the odds are not in your favour. You still have the satisfaction that you gave it your all and you have uncovered new things about yourself that you probably would not have if you had chicken-ed out of the task. You know that you never backed down even if it was impossible for you to win by finishing the task successfully.

Be the winner. Even if you don’t win, you have won a new level of self-determination, dedication and a new level of faith in yourself as to how much you can push yourself to be better.

A life of a Gamer

A life  of a person who plays multiple games online is very virtually adventurous. It is the game of virtual life and death gamble of one life for the cost of another. It is a combat of two virtual players fighting for their life till the very end. No player or gamer is perfect in performance (other than an expert bot) as he is also just human who will end up making one small mistake which ends his virtual life.

The beauty of Gaming is that the player of the Gamer revives and has multiple lives which makes the gaming EPIC. A gamer never dies, he re spawns with a bang. A gaming life is an endless addictive playing of games that makes you aggressively dedicated, passionate and fond of the game you are playing. You can only enjoy the game if you are totally into the Action pack lifestyle of a gamer.

The Gamers have virtual adventurous to the whole around the world by talking to each other from different places on Earth wich is a unique experience in its self. It is the love of playing a game that becomes a person’s life.

The game makes you a part of something which is absolutely real in a different dimension. It gives you an experience that is amazingly unique and wonderful because of which you feel like keep playing the game to keep experiencing the virtual adventure.

Go Gamers, Go Pro!

(I personally used to be obsessed with Counter Strike 1.6 and was the only thing going on in my life other than Studying, It is like a whole new world in that game that you could spend time in. I still love the game but all good things must come to an end.)

Me, Living Life.

I may die someday but what lies for me is wisdom, glory and name that is made of my experience as the living. How well I live, How much I live, How do i live all comes down to How was I as a person who when i lived. But have I truly lived in the light of my father and brother’s shadows. Have I truly been able to spread my wings and fly for there is rubbish in the world that traps me in my cage. I live freely but still caged in the world of corruption, selfishness and Greed that is one of the sins that man has been living on to do their day-to-day activities to which we shall be afraid. the seven sins that are now practiced on Earth which was once was to be scared of.