Changing of life in many ways

Change is a transition of one particular substance whether it is a thing, place, object, etc. to a whole new substance that may be damaged or evolved, could be different or enhanced. It represents the effect of the surrounding on the particular person or object. If a person throws a certain amount of hate towards a person, it effects on the person to evolve or change into someone else. Have a change of personality. It makes him really negative of the things he would do. It is difficult to return from the person you have changed into as easy it is to change into something really different. If a person shows any other feelings towards you, you would change as the feelings effect you.

The way the “touch me not” plants change and shut their leaves. The way a chameleon changes its colour of skin to its surroundings to survive. The way a potterer shapes the pot in some shape and size to perfect the beauty of a unique hand made pot. The way a bud of a flower changes to a beautifully iconic flower and then becomes a fruit. It can all not be changed back to it’s original form the way it was before. It takes time to have an unexpected change that is one day you are something and something happens to you the next day that changes your life forever. So you need to adapt your self to the new way of life which is actually changing your life to suit your new life. It actually plays a big part in survival of a person in life in the basic perspective.

Surviving an incident makes you want to change the way you look at life. It is a natural process that makes you want to change. Change is the reaction to what has happened to you, what you have survived. Whether it is a huge accident, something huge happened to one of your loved ones and they play a huge part of life which in turn makes your life evolve or change. A survivor changes his life to prevent the trauma or incident that has happened to him. After surviving the incident the person makes his life in such a way that he is prepared or knows how to handle the incident gracefully.



23 thoughts on “Changing of life in many ways

  1. One of the only things constant in this life is change and I think daily we must manage how we are going to react to it. This might mean life or death for many. Thanks for your post.


  2. Change can be hard especially after something traumatizing happens in your life. My family has gone through major changes and, we still are trying to manage with all the changes. It can be hard at times! My husband has become over protective now!


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