Friendship is Forever



Friendship, from Start to End.

Friendship is the kind of the relationship with two people that love each other unconditionally, Accept each other for what they are, Give sane advice if and when needed, plenty more. It is kind of a bond that is next to impossible to break. It is the name of the strongest trust between two people. Friends are the people that help you when you are down, help you to do better, help you in the difficult situation of life, help you get away with something troublesome you did, help you do something troublesome and much more. It is general knowledge what is the definition of “friendship”. Everyone already knows how important friendship is, everyone knows how precious they are. This article is about reminding people about those friends they have lost over the years and how it could have been with that friend who is now estranged.

The people who were once your friends are not anymore. They still care about you and think about you once in awhile. They still think what life would be like if you were still a part of their life. The kind of conversation you have with them and the way you both would teach other, etc. It makes you wonder how you came to fall apart from each other’s lives and seem to be such strangers to each other. Even if deep inside you are the same friends that came together to bond over something common they had back then and form a good relationship that does not seem to exist anymore. Actually it still does but you both have put it on an unexpected end which you think cannot begin again. The reasons you fell apart are not reasons anymore and yet you are not friends that converse, communicate, etc. but you are still friends. It does not change the fact that you were not friends at all.

The time you spent with each other was real not pretend. In that moment of time you and them were inseparable being those who trusted each other with each other’s life and give it for each other if life demanded. It is just that for that one fight you went your separate ways and regret after few years that you let a petty little fight get in the way of your beautiful little friendship that you valued with your life.

When you see each other after many years of living apart and not have each other in each other’s life you start to have flashbacks of the wonderful memories you had with that person that only they would know which kind of means that you would still like to be in their life but the circumstances are so that you cannot. You now know nothing about that person, time has changed, they have moved on to couple of new friends and you have other friends that probably care about you more than they ever did.

When you both finally have that conversation after that fight you had one time when you were little, before you became strangers to each other, That conversation makes you have that same feeling you had when you were with them spending time with each other. In that conversation you don’t talk about the accomplishments you have, hardly about it at least, but you talk about all the mistakes or embarrassing moments you had or awkward moments you had which you really want to share with them. Rather resume the friendship you once had thought had a big full stop on.

Happy Friendships Day (3rd August 2014)


22 thoughts on “Friendship is Forever

  1. I’ve had my cynical moments when I think real genuine friendship is gone. I have come to see that my real friends are all unique and we are there for each other in our own special ways and when we need each other the most. Peace, Debbie


  2. True friends are forever, no matter if you stop talking for short periods of time. Life gets busy and hectic! So its wonderful to have friends who recognize that and can pick up right where you left off when you do get together!


  3. This is so true. I have friends that, despite going long periods of time without talking, I still consider some of my closest friends. When we see one another, it’s like time has not passed at all!

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  4. I have friendships like this. I have thought at times we will never be the same friends that we once were. Between moving, job changes, and children we have grown apart, but get us back together for more than an hour and it’s like we start right where we left off. Life and people change, we just need to be flexible and remember the great times together. 🙂

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  5. I think in today’s world, with frequent life changes and moves and the fast pace of existence, it’s so easy to see friends come and go. Those friends who drift away but then come back to shore are true friends, indeed.


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