Change in Technology

Technology, the modern way of living. It is a gateway to a new world that has the up-to-date technology a click away. It is the touch screen phone, the touch screen computers, the automatic cars, the auto pilot on planes, the automatic system at the house, the internet, etc. that have changed lives good or bad. It is a whole new field to venture into as a business firm, it is a new path to walk on, it is a whole new world like Alice in wonderland. It is the new and creative usage of raw materials that you obtain from the nature and make a whole new finished material out of it. This topic can be vague and to the point which is why I am going to write this article on every possible points it may lead to.

Change in Technology from medieval times to modern, A lot has changed over the years such as we have started using Cars that were first Carriages, Old times had their own charm. Not a lot was invented back then like a phone, a computer,etc. The kids before the technology was improved used to play in the field, have a blast in the rain, prank each other on little things, play games like Polo or catch and go, etc.

Change in Technology from Man Labour to Machines, before when there were no machines to do the job. There were hard working men who pour out their sweat and blood to feed their family by lifting heavy inventories from one place to another. Today there are machines that carry out in half the time that it took the man t do the job. The machine replaces the man and puts the man out of a job and a supply of food that he could once feed his family.

Change in Technology from Nature to Factories, Nature is everywhere no doubt but the whole chunk of it being cleared away so new Factories can be built up and more money Man can make is the cost of a new technology that man loves. Technology is finding rarest of materials to exploit them and use them in the latest inventions that man comes up with which the man gets it from the core of the nature. Technology is also the recycling of materials that have been used. It is the give and take of the Nature to Man and vice versa. It is the easy and quick way of translating the Natural Materials to something the man can use efficiently and gracefully. There have been ways that Man has tried to give back to the Nature  by conserving it because of the technology today such as Solar Panels, Windmills, etc.

Change in Technology is conversing face to face to conversing screen to screen. Whatever happened to the old sharing a meal and talk about thoughts and plans to do. Now it is just clicking on the keyboard letters to make a word that does not actually convey a feeling as much better  as the natural face to face conversation does. Whatever happened to the paper letters that you used to wait for to hear from the other person while you have a whole life in the cyber world which hardly gives you time to live in the real one.

Alas, how world has changed from letters in the mail to e-mail in the inbox.


13 thoughts on “Change in Technology

  1. I have had these same thoughts myself, seriously I would give anything to go back and just be able to stop by for tea at friends house, and send “snail” mail by post. I feel like even though I am more “connected” I am less content and not as happy as I could be without it. Maybe I am just an old soul.

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