Family is the tree of which we are a fruit of. It nurtures us to be good in quality and big in life. Family is the core of our being. It is what has created us. Makes us who we are. They look out for us even if we don’t get along well. They are there for us when we least expect them to be. They guide us through dark paths. They take care of us when we are ill or not at our best. They tell us what is needed of us to contribute to the world. They motivate us to move forward and up in our lives by supporting our every sane move or idea. They provide us with the necessary sources and tools which would require to ultimately succeed.If we had made any mistakes at some point of time, they find it in their hearts to forgive us when we know we have learnt our lesson. They teach us the necessary lessons to survive in the world which has turned very cruel or harsh.

In every family there is the Alpha Male who provides for the family and is the eldest male figure of the family. He is looking out for all of our well being. He makes sure that we are well protected and have what we need or want. He makes sure that we are happy. He is the person to whom we give the utmost respect to as he has done a lot of all of us and been there for each of us at the most needed time. He guides us with his good experience in the world.

Mothers, Every family has them. She is the most caring, loving and the one who worries over very little things. She is so over caring that we like to get away from it all. She is the best friend that you love to mess with. She gives the most responsible advises. She may let your mistakes slide by a few time so your father wont come to know. She is the most sensitive and emotional person we know who can cry when it comes to the family matters of happiness or sadness, even if it is not that big of a deal.

Siblings are the most annoying and fun loving people we might ever come to know. They cheer you up when you are down. They irritate you to the core of which you get so pissed off. They are with you from your childhood to the very end. Siblings cannot live their life until and unless they have a fight with one another at least once or twice a week.

Family are the people who will have to bear you for life. They give you the strength to fly in the world. They are the best support system and they love you plenty to last a hundred lifetimes.


12 thoughts on “Family

  1. I really enjoyed your post. So honest… Family isn’t perfect but they are the people that are always there for you! Thank you! 🙂


  2. Thanks for bringing to mind how much of a blessing families are. I am so grateful for mine. I can tell from reading this that you are very grateful for yours too! God bless! 🙂


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