“Love is simple, It is life that makes it complicated.”

Love is the attraction of one person towards the other. It’s the care of one person towards the other. It’s the concern one person has towards the other. It is LOVE.

Love is choosing a person you can bear to live with for the rest of your life. It is the factor that keeps a family together. It is an ingredient to success in life and happiness. It is what you have at the end of the day to share, whether you are poor or rich. It has no limit, it has no boundaries. It is colorless, It is gender-less.

Love is between two people who cannot live without each other. These two people are so in love that they do everything and anything that will make the other person happy. Love is to care for each other unconditionally. It is the sacrifice, the cute arguments, the unspoken deal, the blind trust, the time that they spend with each other, the skip of a heart beat when they have their eyes on that someone special, the glow in the eye that one has for that special someone.

That, my dear friend, is LOVE.


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