A life of a Gamer

A life  of a person who plays multiple games online is very virtually adventurous. It is the game of virtual life and death gamble of one life for the cost of another. It is a combat of two virtual players fighting for their life till the very end. No player or gamer is perfect in performance (other than an expert bot) as he is also just human who will end up making one small mistake which ends his virtual life.

The beauty of Gaming is that the player of the Gamer revives and has multiple lives which makes the gaming EPIC. A gamer never dies, he re spawns with a bang. A gaming life is an endless addictive playing of games that makes you aggressively dedicated, passionate and fond of the game you are playing. You can only enjoy the game if you are totally into the Action pack lifestyle of a gamer.

The Gamers have virtual adventurous to the whole around the world by talking to each other from different places on Earth wich is a unique experience in its self. It is the love of playing a game that becomes a person’s life.

The game makes you a part of something which is absolutely real in a different dimension. It gives you an experience that is amazingly unique and wonderful because of which you feel like keep playing the game to keep experiencing the virtual adventure.

Go Gamers, Go Pro!

(I personally used to be obsessed with Counter Strike 1.6 and was the only thing going on in my life other than Studying, It is like a whole new world in that game that you could spend time in. I still love the game but all good things must come to an end.)


2 thoughts on “A life of a Gamer

  1. Gaming, you just touched the nerve where it hurts me the most
    I miss my gaming days
    I never became a pro in cs before I left but I got many such games where no one can even touch me
    Still I make mistakes there as you said


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