Forever is a Lie.


Credit: A very lovely friend.

Nothing in this world is forever. A new white object will eventually turn stale or darker even if it stays white for as long as it can. In the same way an innocence of a child does not remain forever because as that child grows older that raw innocence eventually turns into something darker or stale changing the concept of life of that child from innocence to something totally different.

We as people change as we grow. We cannot remain the same childish selves forever. How much ever we try to stay the same we cannot stop the inevitable. We cannot stop the transaction of our being from a naive self to the realistic experience self.

If you actually notice, FOREVER doesn’t actually exist and so forever is a Lie in itself. It is actually the reference to the end of time, which again doesn’t actually exist too. Even if you promise someone something you would do forever, that amount of time has a limit.

Forever is the reference to something that will be the same or some promise you keep, the circumstances of the person whatever they might be, make that something that the person thinks will remain the same changes after a course of time or two because no matter how much that person would try it did not last forever. When it comes to the promise, the promise can only be maintained in a perfect world. Every promise is broken after a particular time, whether it is after 1 day or 5 years.

Hence, I say Forever is a Lie because forever does not exist.


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