Kinds of Evil in this world.


There are people who are born to be evil. There are people who grow up to be evil. There are people who have to survive the evil. There are people who are surrounded by so much evil that they become one. There are people who have chosen to be evil on purpose. There are people who make the wrong choices that ultimately make them evolve into something evil.

Evil is something dark inside of a person that makes that person do bad things in general. To make a baby cry, to murder someone, to hurt someone innocent, to bully is evil if there is no reason to it or a very twisted reason none the less. There are people who never planned to be evil but some how turn up to be on the dark evil side. Many people make choices in their life that they think is right but end up on the wrong side, at the dark side.

There are basically many kinds of evil in this world. The kind that is evil for the fun of it. The kind that makes people be evil in certain situations for something uncalled for that, i.e. no other option but to be evil for some unspoken reason. The kind that is revengeful evil. The kind that makes everything around evil and maybe start a war.

Some people how much ever nice they may be when get tangled in to a bad situation that makes their human flaws kick in, i.e. greed, selfishness, etc. that makes them do evil things that they wouldn’t normally do. Some people get everybody down or insult them or talk ill about them which in itself is an evil deed to do. Some people are so merciless and evil that they are radical towards everything and anything that comes their way to crush it down.

To all the evil kinds of this world i say, There is always a reaction to every evil action. Whether good or bad, it will always come back to haunt you, who is evil.

Be Evil, Get Evil,

Be Good, Get Good..


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