Loneliness is a Hazard.


Everyone at some point of time feel lonely. Whether he is a child, a workaholic, a teenage girl, an old man, etc. They all have that lonesome part in their life. It is basically being alone that leads up to this part of our life. It is not at all a pleasant state to be in, hence I call it as a hazard.

No one wishes to be lonesome and lonely. Some people find it refreshing because that’s where they find themselves as to who they really are, that is how they find themselves, but how would you know who you are if you have never test yourself out in the world. How will you come to know about your skills if you never had the chance to test them. How will you know about your stand in the world, i.e. what are you in the world. It is by interacting and testing yourself  out in the world that will help you get to know yourself.

Loneliness for a short period of time is refreshing but when it comes to years and years of being alone, not sharing your thoughts, have yourself all bottled up, not reaching out to any one, not seeking help for something that has been bothering you for a while is torture. It is mainly putting yourself through the unwanted agonizing pain which only harms or bothers you at the end of the day, not anyone else but you.

Loneliness is a hazard which has a simple cure, interaction. Get yourself in the game, mingle with the crowd, let someone IN on your life, share with them the thoughts that make you feel lonely. You will then love yourself plain and simple without the unwanted tangles you had made up for yourself when you were with your lonesome.

Kill the Lonesome, Enjoy the Awesome.


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