Women of India, Women Empowerment.

Women are grace. Women are style. Women love fashion. Women Empowerment.

Women have all kinds of faces. The quiet innocent ones, the reckless outspoken ones, the modern ones, the old fashion ones, etc. Women are the second half of a couple. Women are a source of a happy family. Some provide comfort where as some provide a shield of protection. Few are fearless to confront, few make practical decision like playing a chess.

These women have the equal rights and duties as anyone else. They should be free from all the unwanted eyes that hits them like a wrecking ball that judges them for showing their confidence in themselves and their opinions in the public. They are forced to question their ability to trust someone for their own security in the public.

Women in India are being proven to be unsafe.This is what we want for our nation to be known for? This is what our nation has come to be? Do all the women deserve to be insecure in their own home nation that they reside in?

There is a huge diversity in our country when it comes to the kinds of women. Some are modern, some are strong on their beliefs, some are carefree, some are quiet and reserved and so on and so forth. Do these diversified women need to have a shadow of a knight protecting them at all times. Having so many diversities does not change the fact that women are being the victim of stereotype and bullying from the male chauvinist.

Recently activist, NGOs and common people have raised their voice about women empowerment that gives us hope that our nation is capable of change. Our nation, India requires some updates on social standings on certain things like WOMEN. Converting the narrow minded people into broad minded is needed to be practiced in our daily life.

Women shall not be under estimated because there are unexpected results of how much they are capable of.


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