Whispers of an unknown fear.


Everyone has fear, All of us are haunted by some or the other frightening fear that we cannot get past from. Everyone is frightened of something they know they fear, but what about the fear of the unknown.

It is the fear of something that is about to happen which may or may not change your life forever. It is the sixth sense or the intuition you get that something bad is going to happen. Those intuition act as whispers of the future aspects of life which will bring out sorrow, unhappiness or bad in your life which may or may not occur in your life, hence making it an unknown demon to tackle.

Speaking of future aspects, there are many ways a situation can have its consequence. Every action has its equal and opposite reaction. When the process of action is going on that is our life, we worry about the opposite reaction that is what the life brings us. That worrying about the reaction is the fear of the unknown.

Fear of the unknown can be one of the biggest fears almost every man has who thinks about where will he end up, how will he complete the task at hand , will he be able to do what he is asked to do, what is he supposed to do next, what is the next step. All these are actually the fear of the unknown.

Fear is all in the mind. You need to embrace your fear and face them head on. Once you get over the fear of what is going to happen , the whispers of the unknown fear will go silent and you will be able to think clearly about planning out your unknown future. It will broaden your thoughts after overcoming the fear of the unknown.



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