Does long distance relationships really not work ?

Long Distance relationships are those where two people who are in a relationship with each other are in two separate places, for example, the girl is in west and the guy is in east. We all know what efforts are involved in a long distance relationship. It is a very tricky kind of relationship where it actually depends from person to person how things evolve in their life when they are apart from their significant other. It may work or not, it is all according to the couple as to what is their age, what is their compatibility, etc. which actually plays a huge role in the relationship in general. Long Distance relationship is actually the ultimate test on where the relationship of the couple stands.

In my opinion, Long term relationships do not work. In long distance relationships even though the couple loves one another ‘to death do us apart’ kind of way the distance plays a huge role in acting as big divider between them which ultimately makes the couple go their separate ways for good. It is that apart time from each other that makes them expose the side of them that would probably would not come out when they were with their significant other which ultimately leads them to become a whole new person,i.e, they evolve as an individual.

No matter how much they try to connect with each other over the internet, share what their day was like, etc. they both realize that they are in fact able to live their life without the other and that conversation over the internet after a while, may it be a month or few years, they realize that it is a huge burden and they rather have someone totally new in their life who knows the real evolved them with whom them have been spending their time with, the way they did with the person you are in a relationship or better.

No Long Distance relationship should be done deliberately, it should only happen under the necessary circumstances. If it happens with the agreement of both of them wanting to experience the long distance experience then that is actually an indication that the relationship was already doomed in the first place. When they willingly choose the long distance experience and want to try it out, it actually means they secretly want to break up with one another. If you think Long Distance Relationship work. Prove me wrong.


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