21 Things to do when you can’t sleep or have Insomnia

1. Read a Book in bed.

2. Eat, raid the kitchen.

3. Play a game on your phone in bed, console or computer.

4. Youtube, watch funny videos of kittens, dogs, etc.

5. Start Cleaning, People do that sometimes.

6. Listen to music.

7. Dance on the music you are listening to ultimately making you tired and sleepy.

8. Exercise, again will make you tired and sleepy.

9. Stare at the ceiling in bed, sometimes helps.

10. Go creative, Do something Art related.

11. Write on your blog, If you have one.

12. Chat with fellow Insomniacs, your friends.

13. Watch T.V or a T.V series on your computer/ Laptop.

14. Plan out your next day.

15. Find out what exactly is bothering because of which you can’t sleep or what is the solution for your problem of Insomnia.

16. Count sheep in your head in bed.

17. Curl up cozily in your bed you might just go to sleep.

18. Go to the Terrace or the Roof to count stars or admire them.

19. Go on a drive/ walk to clear your head.

20. Hit the Internet, Check what people are doing these days (stalk them), Log on to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

21. Just go to sleep!


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