Accept YOU.

Accept that the old is gone, the past has passed, the leaves have already touched the ground. Accept it, Move on with your life. Start fresh. Opportunities are bleak but when they come grab them with all the soul strength you have and uncover the new and a determinant YOU.

Let go of things that can not be changed or don’t change yourself for someone who does not accept you for who you are. Be yourself no matter what. Every happenings in your life affect you and make sure they affect you in a positive way to be better. It is OK to care for yourself and be a little selfish. If you are happy, then you can make other people happy. Charity and the good begins with you.


“Be the Treasure instead of being the lock of that Treasure.”

Don’t lock out your feelings, opinions, etc for some or any reason. Be yourself in any way and every way possible. Don’t lock away your real self and be someone totally different. If you behave differently, people react to that may be that is negative or positive, certain people may not like the different you but like the real you. If you behave the way you are people react to that and that somewhat makes things easier and less dramatic. Be the treasure that is yourself, instead the lock.

“Sometimes you need to change yourself to be better to Survive.”

 Sometimes it so happens that you get affected by an event in your life, whether it is negative or positive. It makes you want to change or to adapt from the event that has happened to you, to make sure that you survive. That event triggers you to change to be better and make sure you have the moral story of it all and harness it as a tool to survive.

Priviledge to Knowledge.

Life shall not be taken for granted and toss it according to you. There are people who are not that privileged to have been stood where you are at the moment.

Having knowledge and wisdom goes best with prosperity but one cannot just earn wealth by senselessness, there is the requirement of senses, knowledge and right decisions at the right time.

Studying or knowledge is important not only for the career that lies ahead of you but also the brain that works for you. Besides you should have the knowledge of how things work in the world, whats going on in the world or better yet be the change in the world.

A little tidbit to remember while Socializing.

No one is perfect, so its a waste of time putting other people down for pleasure instead trying to respect to their faults is the least one human being can do for the other. Respect is the basic quality that one should possess while socializing to have any kind of interaction in any part of the world. Treat people the way you would like to be treated. Don’t expect them to treat you any better than you treat them because you get what you deserve, not more than that (unless that person is attracted to you). Even if that person is attracted to you and you are not, respect it.

Choices Of life.

In your life you have many choices to make, in your life each choices projects a different life style that you could live or live with. Some choices make you happy and some making you regret thinking if you had chosen some other path of life your life would be different or how different would it be when you chose another path. So in your life you need to make the right choices at the right time.

There are many people who will try to pull you down even if they do not have anything against you, but the choice remains with you to let go or grudgingly hold on to it.

Even if you chose wrong, don’t worry, make it right. It is never too late to change your track for your betterment. As long as you realize what you need to do, all will be for the greater good.

So choose Wisely !

“If you promise to start something, finish it, don’t leave it mid way.”

When you begin something new that you really love and is good for you, continue doing it even if you don’t love it anymore. Even if you are so exhausted, continue it with what is left of you to finish the task. Don’t give up on your task thinking it cannot be finished, maybe you were to give up right before you found the gold of completion. Hence, Finish it, Don’t leave it mid way.