“Stop worrying about the big happenings in your life, Enjoy the little things that life brings you.”

 Don’t bury yourself in things that make you very nervous or tensed. Don’t dwell into things that don’t let you feel felicity while your alone and that makes you worry. When you have time and day for yourself, take it and make it healing for you. Don’t use that time and day to think about the future possible tension that you may or may not have to face. There is happiness even in the little things if you learn to look at it right.


“Past is the miles you have run, Future is the miles you have still to run, Present is the speed at which you are running.”

Past is the experience that you learn from to do better. Be proud of the Past where you did what you had to do. Don’t dwell in the past because it will intimidate you. Even if you make a mistake in the past you should know that you still have time to redeem yourself. The future gives you a good chance to right your wrongs and be better than what you were before. It gives you hope that there is still good to come. Be focused at what you are doing now because that will soon become your past. Be in the present because before you know it, it will become your past experience.