I thought I was fine,
The calm before the storm,
It came to my mind,
I am not even in a good form.

I remember I was a stick,
Ran fast and was athletic,
What happened to me?
Did I give up on me?

It all has been happening so fast,
It has been really hard to keep track,
A lot of things have happened in the past,
Which I need to store and pack.

I will have to move on..
So I can get back my groove on!
Be the funny me.
Be the real me.

I need to plan out the present,
Because it is indeed my future,
I need to motion a movement,
That will make me a whole new creature.

So here’s to hoping for the best,
Everything else can go to bed rest,
I will fight for me,
I will become the evolved me.


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