Dear Distant friend,
What happened between us? Why are we so distant now than we were before. We used to talk day and night, about everything and anything and now, I hardly see you and hardly have a decent conversation with you. I used to stay up late just so we could continue the chat. What happened?
I remember I had a special nickname for you and you had for me and it is funny that we used to use it specially at our birthdays to wish each other and now we don’t even talk. What happened?
Now we both are going on our on lives and talk very, very occasionally. You have become so busy that I feel guilty for not having so much on my plate to be busy.
Old friend, we should catch up soon and not just a long lengthy conversation once in a blue moon.We should be talking about all the updates and information that I might have missed out while we were having this glitch of a miscommunication problem which I plan to rectify.
An old estranged friend.


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