I see you looking at her.

When I see you looking at her, it makes me wonder how things got this way. How have we become so familiar even though we are so distant. Watching you look at her makes me wonder the way I am feeling right now, is it justified? Am I allowed to feel like the one who was not chosen? I see the way you look at her, the way you looked at me, when we were good friends and had good study sessions where we would laugh and joke around. It makes me think that, did you ever think about me the way you think about her. We were never the way you are with her, then why do I think that I have been replaces by her. She seems like a wonderful person and you seem to have a great time with her. I wish you well with her and hope I could have something like that in my life. I wish I could have someone look at me the way you look at her and love me the way you love her. I regret not actually having you even when I had you.

And now when I see you get kissed for the last time and watch her walk away forever, It makes me want to believe that we could be something different. We could be ‘Us’. We could leap to the next step which we then didn’t and see where it leads us