Plan to Fruition

It’s easy to plan out ahead and speak about the things you will accomplish and have the world know that you’re on the way to success with a certain plan that you’ve cooked up. You think it gives you a purpose, a path to walk on, but you don’t realise you give yourself a task to do that defines your capabilities to actually accomplish it. It tests you fundamentally as to are you capable of what your plan calls for, will you be able to accomplish things that your plan is hell bent on making you accomplish, will you be able to actually pull of the things that your brain has listed in the plan.

It is very crucial to believe in yourself when you start getting cold feet or start doubting yourself as to will you be able to pull of the things that you have sought out to do in your extensive plan for your better future. It is ok to be scared of what you will accomplish but not to be scared of yourself as if you won’t be able to accomplish them.

Sometimes you might question yourself whether you’re good enough or not to do it so you wonder if you should even try. It’s tricky to do something that you think you won’t be able to complete but if you keep thinking about whether or not you’re capable half the battle is already lost. 

You should keep doing what you’re doing even if you have doubts about yourself. Get yourself out of your comfort zone, Not too much but enough to move forward. Don’t just throw yourself in the middle of the ocean and hope that you will survive with just swimming, start with the shore building a raft to guide in the sea and then the ocean. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt but still keep trying to achieve the goal.


Murder of Every days Truth.

Have you ever thought of saying the truth and stopped to only say a lie and suffocate the truth to death. Did you ever come to know of a truth as someone killed it. Every time you lie instead of saying the truth you are killing the truth by stabbing it with a lie as a weapon. By saying little lies every day we are murdering the truth every day. Truth is the little darkest secrets that we keep from others as a hostage in our heads until we have to lie about them. It basically makes us mental criminals.

When we are caught in a lie we are guilty of killing the truth that holds our most treasured secrets. It is our secrets that makes us lie instead of saying the truth in the first place. People believe by being honest, it may get them into trouble. Therefore, they assume they are better off with a really good – truth repressing – lie, that way no one would really suspect that they had in fact lied. It would be like a perfect murder where the victim, i.e, the truth could not be found in the first place and there would be no way to connect the victim to the suspect, i.e, lies.

To conclude, It can be said, The lies only get you in trouble than good, hence you are better off saying the truth in the first place. Even if you lie, the truth has its own way of getting out. The people it concerns can learn to deal with it. The secret will only kill you inside, so let it out, whom ever it bothers can deal with it themselves. Be truthful if you are not a great fan of games in your life.

Save the victim and kill the suspect.

Forgive but never forget.

There are times in our lives that certain someone has wronged us and we find it in out hearts to forgive them, but we never forget what they did wrong to hurt us. Even if you know that you have forgiven that person you will never forget what they did that need to be forgiven.

It takes a great deal of effort to forgive alone. How can you forget something that someone does to you which needs forgiving. Forgiving something that someone did to you requires you to process of what has happened because of the mistake that person did and process the reasons for that person to do that specific thing which needs to be forgiven by you. They hurt you, they may obviously have some reason to do it, but you need to get over it and find in yourself the power to forgive. But, does that help you to forget what they have done to you, what consequences their mistake had on your life.

Forgetting something like this is never really possible. It is always at the back of your head that, that something that the person did has effected you in the specific way, you just need to learn to live with it. You need to cope with other people’s mistake that affect your life. In the end, that makes the life interesting. It is the mistakes of yours or the others which you need to forgive or get over that makes life more bumpy and grounding. That makes the essence of life, good or bad, rough or smooth,etc.

At the end of the day, you know why they did it for a good ground holding reason that makes you be forgiving. But that change in your life because of what they did makes you never forget what they did or why they did so on and so forth.

So I say, be forgiving because that person would have probably done it for a genuine reason unless of course they are some mean psycho paths.

Does long distance relationships really not work ?

Long Distance relationships are those where two people who are in a relationship with each other are in two separate places, for example, the girl is in west and the guy is in east. We all know what efforts are involved in a long distance relationship. It is a very tricky kind of relationship where it actually depends from person to person how things evolve in their life when they are apart from their significant other. It may work or not, it is all according to the couple as to what is their age, what is their compatibility, etc. which actually plays a huge role in the relationship in general. Long Distance relationship is actually the ultimate test on where the relationship of the couple stands.

In my opinion, Long term relationships do not work. In long distance relationships even though the couple loves one another ‘to death do us apart’ kind of way the distance plays a huge role in acting as big divider between them which ultimately makes the couple go their separate ways for good. It is that apart time from each other that makes them expose the side of them that would probably would not come out when they were with their significant other which ultimately leads them to become a whole new person,i.e, they evolve as an individual.

No matter how much they try to connect with each other over the internet, share what their day was like, etc. they both realize that they are in fact able to live their life without the other and that conversation over the internet after a while, may it be a month or few years, they realize that it is a huge burden and they rather have someone totally new in their life who knows the real evolved them with whom them have been spending their time with, the way they did with the person you are in a relationship or better.

No Long Distance relationship should be done deliberately, it should only happen under the necessary circumstances. If it happens with the agreement of both of them wanting to experience the long distance experience then that is actually an indication that the relationship was already doomed in the first place. When they willingly choose the long distance experience and want to try it out, it actually means they secretly want to break up with one another. If you think Long Distance Relationship work. Prove me wrong.

Whispers of an unknown fear.


Everyone has fear, All of us are haunted by some or the other frightening fear that we cannot get past from. Everyone is frightened of something they know they fear, but what about the fear of the unknown.

It is the fear of something that is about to happen which may or may not change your life forever. It is the sixth sense or the intuition you get that something bad is going to happen. Those intuition act as whispers of the future aspects of life which will bring out sorrow, unhappiness or bad in your life which may or may not occur in your life, hence making it an unknown demon to tackle.

Speaking of future aspects, there are many ways a situation can have its consequence. Every action has its equal and opposite reaction. When the process of action is going on that is our life, we worry about the opposite reaction that is what the life brings us. That worrying about the reaction is the fear of the unknown.

Fear of the unknown can be one of the biggest fears almost every man has who thinks about where will he end up, how will he complete the task at hand , will he be able to do what he is asked to do, what is he supposed to do next, what is the next step. All these are actually the fear of the unknown.

Fear is all in the mind. You need to embrace your fear and face them head on. Once you get over the fear of what is going to happen , the whispers of the unknown fear will go silent and you will be able to think clearly about planning out your unknown future. It will broaden your thoughts after overcoming the fear of the unknown.


Women of India, Women Empowerment.

Women are grace. Women are style. Women love fashion. Women Empowerment.

Women have all kinds of faces. The quiet innocent ones, the reckless outspoken ones, the modern ones, the old fashion ones, etc. Women are the second half of a couple. Women are a source of a happy family. Some provide comfort where as some provide a shield of protection. Few are fearless to confront, few make practical decision like playing a chess.

These women have the equal rights and duties as anyone else. They should be free from all the unwanted eyes that hits them like a wrecking ball that judges them for showing their confidence in themselves and their opinions in the public. They are forced to question their ability to trust someone for their own security in the public.

Women in India are being proven to be unsafe.This is what we want for our nation to be known for? This is what our nation has come to be? Do all the women deserve to be insecure in their own home nation that they reside in?

There is a huge diversity in our country when it comes to the kinds of women. Some are modern, some are strong on their beliefs, some are carefree, some are quiet and reserved and so on and so forth. Do these diversified women need to have a shadow of a knight protecting them at all times. Having so many diversities does not change the fact that women are being the victim of stereotype and bullying from the male chauvinist.

Recently activist, NGOs and common people have raised their voice about women empowerment that gives us hope that our nation is capable of change. Our nation, India requires some updates on social standings on certain things like WOMEN. Converting the narrow minded people into broad minded is needed to be practiced in our daily life.

Women shall not be under estimated because there are unexpected results of how much they are capable of.

Loneliness is a Hazard.


Everyone at some point of time feel lonely. Whether he is a child, a workaholic, a teenage girl, an old man, etc. They all have that lonesome part in their life. It is basically being alone that leads up to this part of our life. It is not at all a pleasant state to be in, hence I call it as a hazard.

No one wishes to be lonesome and lonely. Some people find it refreshing because that’s where they find themselves as to who they really are, that is how they find themselves, but how would you know who you are if you have never test yourself out in the world. How will you come to know about your skills if you never had the chance to test them. How will you know about your stand in the world, i.e. what are you in the world. It is by interacting and testing yourself  out in the world that will help you get to know yourself.

Loneliness for a short period of time is refreshing but when it comes to years and years of being alone, not sharing your thoughts, have yourself all bottled up, not reaching out to any one, not seeking help for something that has been bothering you for a while is torture. It is mainly putting yourself through the unwanted agonizing pain which only harms or bothers you at the end of the day, not anyone else but you.

Loneliness is a hazard which has a simple cure, interaction. Get yourself in the game, mingle with the crowd, let someone IN on your life, share with them the thoughts that make you feel lonely. You will then love yourself plain and simple without the unwanted tangles you had made up for yourself when you were with your lonesome.

Kill the Lonesome, Enjoy the Awesome.