We all have days when we feel sick, not just physically sick, like the flu or maybe a cold but rather drained. Some days we wake up and just feel as though we can’t make it. We feel tired, not just from hard work or lack of sleep but just tired of being. 

Days where one just wants to curl up and sleep in bed all day because the outside world seems too much of a task to handle. Making beds, taking a shower, cooking breakfast, all these seem like tiny fractions of an issue.

I’d say all these daily routines don’t really need to be done, do they ? Today, just today, stay home and recover. Take some “me” time! Take a break.

A break from what ?



Why ?

The biggest power humans hold – Questioning. Questioning the very fabric of life, the very fabric of reality they live in. What they believe and what they are made to believe in. Gullible humans who think they know everything. Who think they know the truth but in fact they know little or just an imperceptible fragment of the truth. To some, truth is merely a perspective or an explanation or something that they can see or hear or understand or simply just a parody of futile words that the person themselves or someone else puts in their mind just so they can convince their naive minds of the ludicrous logic behind the truth.

I just wish.

I forgot how much I miss running. I forgot how my heart used to run so fast as if it were so happy. I miss the wind running towards my face trying to keep up with my running. I miss the feeling of running as if I was flying as my legs ran as wings flapped while flying. I miss having gone past buildings after buildings as if they were cheering me on to get somewhere. I miss the feeling of swiftness as I run. I miss being sweaty after the exhilarating run. I want to run again as if no one was watching me there. I want to feel the wind again. I want to feel my heart beating again. I just wish, I could run again.

(Disclaimer: I just stopped running after school because I was a school runner and after I passed school I haven’t)

Accept YOU.

Accept that the old is gone, the past has passed, the leaves have already touched the ground. Accept it, Move on with your life. Start fresh. Opportunities are bleak but when they come grab them with all the soul strength you have and uncover the new and a determinant YOU.

Let go of things that can not be changed or don’t change yourself for someone who does not accept you for who you are. Be yourself no matter what. Every happenings in your life affect you and make sure they affect you in a positive way to be better. It is OK to care for yourself and be a little selfish. If you are happy, then you can make other people happy. Charity and the good begins with you.

Priviledge to Knowledge.

Life shall not be taken for granted and toss it according to you. There are people who are not that privileged to have been stood where you are at the moment.

Having knowledge and wisdom goes best with prosperity but one cannot just earn wealth by senselessness, there is the requirement of senses, knowledge and right decisions at the right time.

Studying or knowledge is important not only for the career that lies ahead of you but also the brain that works for you. Besides you should have the knowledge of how things work in the world, whats going on in the world or better yet be the change in the world.

A little tidbit to remember while Socializing.

No one is perfect, so its a waste of time putting other people down for pleasure instead trying to respect to their faults is the least one human being can do for the other. Respect is the basic quality that one should possess while socializing to have any kind of interaction in any part of the world. Treat people the way you would like to be treated. Don’t expect them to treat you any better than you treat them because you get what you deserve, not more than that (unless that person is attracted to you). Even if that person is attracted to you and you are not, respect it.

Choices Of life.

In your life you have many choices to make, in your life each choices projects a different life style that you could live or live with. Some choices make you happy and some making you regret thinking if you had chosen some other path of life your life would be different or how different would it be when you chose another path. So in your life you need to make the right choices at the right time.

There are many people who will try to pull you down even if they do not have anything against you, but the choice remains with you to let go or grudgingly hold on to it.

Even if you chose wrong, don’t worry, make it right. It is never too late to change your track for your betterment. As long as you realize what you need to do, all will be for the greater good.

So choose Wisely !