I felt so scared,

So terrified of the darkness,

Terrified of the darkness within me.

It whispered to me, called to me,

Asked me to step in.

I did! And to my surprise,

Within the darkness I found my light.

I am blinding !




I thought I was fine,
The calm before the storm,
It came to my mind,
I am not even in a good form.

I remember I was a stick,
Ran fast and was athletic,
What happened to me?
Did I give up on me?

It all has been happening so fast,
It has been really hard to keep track,
A lot of things have happened in the past,
Which I need to store and pack.

I will have to move on..
So I can get back my groove on!
Be the funny me.
Be the real me.

I need to plan out the present,
Because it is indeed my future,
I need to motion a movement,
That will make me a whole new creature.

So here’s to hoping for the best,
Everything else can go to bed rest,
I will fight for me,
I will become the evolved me.

Life to Live

Life is not perfect,

Life is not cunning,

Life is honest,

But it has Dishonest.

It obtains darkness,

But also moments of righteousness,

Never give up life,

For it shall not be again granted.

In life one can achieve,

But also greatly deceive,

One can right their wrongs,

And also be freed from all.

I wish to have a life,

That is dark and also bright,

Like the busy days and sleepy nights,

And I shall then be gone to die.