I thought I was fine,
The calm before the storm,
It came to my mind,
I am not even in a good form.

I remember I was a stick,
Ran fast and was athletic,
What happened to me?
Did I give up on me?

It all has been happening so fast,
It has been really hard to keep track,
A lot of things have happened in the past,
Which I need to store and pack.

I will have to move on..
So I can get back my groove on!
Be the funny me.
Be the real me.

I need to plan out the present,
Because it is indeed my future,
I need to motion a movement,
That will make me a whole new creature.

So here’s to hoping for the best,
Everything else can go to bed rest,
I will fight for me,
I will become the evolved me.


“Every Problem has its solution however twisted the problem would be.”

Don’t get blind sided by the problem that ambushes you. Don’t get paranoid and terrified from the problem that has transformed your life. There is a quick or rough solution. There is light of solution at the end of the problematic tunnel. You will find a way to the problem that is an obstacle in your life. You will find a solution to overcome the obstacles of problems that come in your way and haunt you to not continue towards your goals. It is a hard choice to dwell into your problem or find a long path to your solution that may require a journey of time, but you have to make the choice. Make the right choice of getting through the problem and finding the solution. Beating the problem to nothing, a small obstacle that you overcame.

The wall

Dear Loved Ones,

I have never been an open book. No one has truly known what I am or what I think. I have always shown a part of who I am to people. A sneak peek into my thoughts system. It is a web of thoughts that makes me and it will take eternity for anyone to cross that path, to get through to the wall I have created. This wall is basically all the thoughts that are not too deep but deep enough to be consumed by the public. This is the wall that consists of my thoughts that are personal but are protectors of the real world of thoughts that is not only personal but sensitive and close to my heart. It has taken me my whole life to build up this system. My thoughts are in a constant battle of arguments between the right and my want. My want is always the one to accept defeat even if it has a chance of winning. A chance to convert itself to a greater right. A better way of being the right. The right being right always barricades my want into being something more than my want. I know it is hard to understand. This battle is a constant behind the wall that I have built up. There is a wall, not fence that protects me from you vultures who try to destroy me, the true me, The right that barricades me for who I am. I am not an open book. Leave me alone in the big library of contacts. If you need me, I might or might not be there where you left me but I will return if you need me.


I just wish.

I forgot how much I miss running. I forgot how my heart used to run so fast as if it were so happy. I miss the wind running towards my face trying to keep up with my running. I miss the feeling of running as if I was flying as my legs ran as wings flapped while flying. I miss having gone past buildings after buildings as if they were cheering me on to get somewhere. I miss the feeling of swiftness as I run. I miss being sweaty after the exhilarating run. I want to run again as if no one was watching me there. I want to feel the wind again. I want to feel my heart beating again. I just wish, I could run again.

(Disclaimer: I just stopped running after school because I was a school runner and after I passed school I haven’t)

“Making mistakes is in our nature, learning from them is our knowledge.”

Making mistakes is what makes us human. It is important to know what your mistake is to learn from it. We keep making mistakes but it is very important if you learn from it or not. Rectifying the mistakes is an excellent process to learn from. Make sure you get the lesson out of it rather than just correct your mistakes. By learning you increase your knowledge and be better.

“There are times when missing people are found but there are also times when you have to miss people to find them.”

Sometimes you forget the value of the person who you care about and take it for granted, so when they are no more there to help you in a particular situation you realize how foolish you have been to value something that you had that its lost. It is very important to realize it than be oblivious to that fact. The realization should make you feel more considerate to people rather than being a total brat.

Discrimination leads to unwanted battles.

Differentiating people on basis of something that does not actually matter leads to a no good dispute that no one really wants. If you think the categories of human beings matter than I think you need to change your outlook on life basically. Your category does not define who you are. A personality does get influenced by the things a person does on a certain level but it does not fully define the personality of that person. Discrimination of any kind in whichever context is just mundane. Let people do whatever they want to. They have a right to breathe the same air that you do even if you don’t like it, deal with it. People should live in harmony and safely instead of starting unwanted fights and quarrels about things that are eventually going to be accepted by the world. So why not just accept it and move on instead of being your immature self.