“Leave the games and Live the world simply.”

Stop keeping score, stop looking for competition. Stop putting someone else down so you can feel good about yourself. Just enjoy your life because you have only the limited amount of years to live and why spend it playing mindless, soulless games that at the end of the day destroy good relationships which you can treasure love one another, unconditionally. It is the perspective of doing better than the person who actually is not even looking for a fight is what leads to games and tearing up of relationships.  Make sure that you are playing games for a reason, when it is understandable that something wrong has happened and you have to avenge yourself. Even then, you have to think – “Is it worth it?”


“Every Problem has its solution however twisted the problem would be.”

Don’t get blind sided by the problem that ambushes you. Don’t get paranoid and terrified from the problem that has transformed your life. There is a quick or rough solution. There is light of solution at the end of the problematic tunnel. You will find a way to the problem that is an obstacle in your life. You will find a solution to overcome the obstacles of problems that come in your way and haunt you to not continue towards your goals. It is a hard choice to dwell into your problem or find a long path to your solution that may require a journey of time, but you have to make the choice. Make the right choice of getting through the problem and finding the solution. Beating the problem to nothing, a small obstacle that you overcame.

“Making mistakes is in our nature, learning from them is our knowledge.”

Making mistakes is what makes us human. It is important to know what your mistake is to learn from it. We keep making mistakes but it is very important if you learn from it or not. Rectifying the mistakes is an excellent process to learn from. Make sure you get the lesson out of it rather than just correct your mistakes. By learning you increase your knowledge and be better.

“There are times when missing people are found but there are also times when you have to miss people to find them.”

Sometimes you forget the value of the person who you care about and take it for granted, so when they are no more there to help you in a particular situation you realize how foolish you have been to value something that you had that its lost. It is very important to realize it than be oblivious to that fact. The realization should make you feel more considerate to people rather than being a total brat.

Discrimination leads to unwanted battles.

Differentiating people on basis of something that does not actually matter leads to a no good dispute that no one really wants. If you think the categories of human beings matter than I think you need to change your outlook on life basically. Your category does not define who you are. A personality does get influenced by the things a person does on a certain level but it does not fully define the personality of that person. Discrimination of any kind in whichever context is just mundane. Let people do whatever they want to. They have a right to breathe the same air that you do even if you don’t like it, deal with it. People should live in harmony and safely instead of starting unwanted fights and quarrels about things that are eventually going to be accepted by the world. So why not just accept it and move on instead of being your immature self.

It is always ideal to have purpose in life to live a life.

In my opinion, All our lives we have a task to perform which ultimately serves as a purpose. Every task has an end goal that is a purpose to be useful to someone at some point. Purpose in life mainly foreshadows aims and goals of a person. It is he who decides what he aims to be which is ultimately his purpose of life. The purpose of life keeps him motivated to live as much successful life as that purpose generates. It is ultimately up to him if he wants to be just a living being or a well stably balanced emotional human being who has feelings and opinions to share which may or may not make difference in the world. The latter, in my opinion is the ideal way to live.

“Be happy for the things you have that you need, instead of being sad for what you wanted.”

 You cannot always get what you want, nor be ignorant of what you have. The basic necessities should be prioritized first instead of the childish wants you think you require the most. We sometimes take what we have for granted and cry and grumble over things that we can live without. For instance, a child should be happy for getting the fulfillment of what he always needs instead he is crying because his iPad is too out dated and he wants a new one.