Forgive but never forget.

There are times in our lives that certain someone has wronged us and we find it in out hearts to forgive them, but we never forget what they did wrong to hurt us. Even if you know that you have forgiven that person you will never forget what they did that need to be forgiven.

It takes a great deal of effort to forgive alone. How can you forget something that someone does to you which needs forgiving. Forgiving something that someone did to you requires you to process of what has happened because of the mistake that person did and process the reasons for that person to do that specific thing which needs to be forgiven by you. They hurt you, they may obviously have some reason to do it, but you need to get over it and find in yourself the power to forgive. But, does that help you to forget what they have done to you, what consequences their mistake had on your life.

Forgetting something like this is never really possible. It is always at the back of your head that, that something that the person did has effected you in the specific way, you just need to learn to live with it. You need to cope with other people’s mistake that affect your life. In the end, that makes the life interesting. It is the mistakes of yours or the others which you need to forgive or get over that makes life more bumpy and grounding. That makes the essence of life, good or bad, rough or smooth,etc.

At the end of the day, you know why they did it for a good ground holding reason that makes you be forgiving. But that change in your life because of what they did makes you never forget what they did or why they did so on and so forth.

So I say, be forgiving because that person would have probably done it for a genuine reason unless of course they are some mean psycho paths.


22 thoughts on “Forgive but never forget.

  1. We had a horrible thing happen in our family. Really awful words were said. It took me years to get over and figure out forgiving and forgetting are not the same.

    Shannon –


  2. This is soooo true. Its important for both parties that forgiveness happens, but you need to remember so that you can protect yourself! Like they say – if it happens once, it’s their fault, if it happens twice, it’s yours!


  3. I don’t think forgiveness requires forgetting. You often need to remember a lesson learned from the experience, but you can still let go of hard feelings and move on.


    • Well, yes. Sometimes it does happen to clear your soul of ill, but you should not forget it because it may help you get past another similar situation, in other words you learn from your mistakes or other person’s mistakes. Thank you so much πŸ˜€


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