Murder of Every days Truth.

Have you ever thought of saying the truth and stopped to only say a lie and suffocate the truth to death. Did you ever come to know of a truth as someone killed it. Every time you lie instead of saying the truth you are killing the truth by stabbing it with a lie as a weapon. By saying little lies every day we are murdering the truth every day. Truth is the little darkest secrets that we keep from others as a hostage in our heads until we have to lie about them. It basically makes us mental criminals.

When we are caught in a lie we are guilty of killing the truth that holds our most treasured secrets. It is our secrets that makes us lie instead of saying the truth in the first place. People believe by being honest, it may get them into trouble. Therefore, they assume they are better off with a really good – truth repressing – lie, that way no one would really suspect that they had in fact lied. It would be like a perfect murder where the victim, i.e, the truth could not be found in the first place and there would be no way to connect the victim to the suspect, i.e, lies.

To conclude, It can be said, The lies only get you in trouble than good, hence you are better off saying the truth in the first place. Even if you lie, the truth has its own way of getting out. The people it concerns can learn to deal with it. The secret will only kill you inside, so let it out, whom ever it bothers can deal with it themselves. Be truthful if you are not a great fan of games in your life.

Save the victim and kill the suspect.


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